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Reviewing a reviewer

During lockdown I was hit with a surprise. An incredibly negative review, by a man who was obviously disgruntled with my service, so much so that he falsified and exaggerated many parts of the review. Luckily for me, my friends and past clients came to my defense and the review was taken down relatively quickly. Unfortunately, I read it and it was also read by a few hundred others. Despite him claiming that he wasn't trying to ruin anyone's business during these hard times, he nearly did. After reading this review, I absolutely wanted to quit this industry. I fell into a pretty big depression. I run my business with the intention of retaining the clients I meet. This means that I try my absolute hardest to show you what you are going to get when you meet me. I maintain a social media presence where I post hundreds of unedited videos and photos of myself, im completely upfront with how i'm going to present myself (no makeup, casual dressed).

I guess you can't please everyone though, especially those who choose to ignore what is glaring them right in the face.

"Just want to start my saying it is not my intention to damage anyone's reputation, particularly in this competitive industry" Yeah, ok buddy. So you are going to write a review 4 months late, in a time where it should be pretty obvious to anyone that face to face customer service jobs (such as my own) are in a pretty shitty place. "Just before Christmas last year... booked half an hour" He booked me on the 16th of January for 20 minutes. There were only two 20 minute bookings from the December-February period that were new clients who I had not seen before or after. Conveniently, one was called Marko and seemed to fit the rest of his review.

Image 1- Marko's initial contact with me in JANUARY for 20 MINUTES "It looked like one of those disgusting building apartments usually occupied by Asian students, towels and shoes hanging from the windows, dirt everywhere, MJ joint smoked partially at the gate etc... The road was under construction so the noise was unbearable outside" I have absolutely no control over the outward appearance of my apartment building, and what the other tenants choose to hang out their windows. The road is under construction, but hey, welcome to Auckland. I admit that the construction was loud at the time (its much quieter now), but once again that is something that I can't really control. Location and accommodation is something he put quite an emphasis on in the reviews of other workers as well. I would like to point something out, which I don't think many clients are aware of or understand. Sex work is decriminalized in NZ, but it is still highly stigmatized. Often workers are running the risk of being thrown out of their accommodation for working. It's why some of us choose to work at SW friendly places, which are great because we don't have to risk it, but it does mean that the accommodation is a little bit more run down. "Went upstairs and knocked on the door (several times as she could not hear me)" My booking and address instructions are literally copy paste. I even have a blog post that includes the templates I use for the first few steps of booking. If you have seen me before, you will recognize the message. The one where I give apartment instructions explicitly states not to knock on my door, and to just walk on in. This is for two reasons.

1- Due to the layout of my apartment, I can't hear knocking on the door even when it is quiet outside.

2 - The best way for clients to maintain their (and my) privacy and keep everything discreet is to act like they belong there, and just walk on in. If I were to have clients standing awkwardly outside my door, eventually it would rouse suspicion.

He also showed up nearly 15 minutes early.

Image 2 - The crystal clear instructions that Marko ignored "Even asked her "Sorry.. are you Ashley"... I had a totally different idea of her"

Yes because you didn't do your research. I understand that not showing my face does kind of put a roulette spin on things, and that my no-makeup baby face does sometimes surprise people (I am always described as cute instead of sexy) but its usually in a good way. If you decide to create an image of me in your head that is directly contradicting the available info I put out, then that seems to be a you problem. "The apartment was a mess, clothes everywhere, moving boxes, food scattered on the table"

I did have someone staying at the apartment at the time, and due to limited space their suitcases were in the lounge area. They weren't messy and clothes weren't everywhere. They were neatly packed and just chilling in a corner of the lounge. Food also wasn't scattered on the table, however there were a few cups and plates in the sink. He's just exaggerating his little heart out. "I was given a towel and showed the bathroom to shower. The towel was actually a hand towel and had lipstick marks on it." As previously stated I don't wear makeup and I also don't own any makeup. The worker staying with me wore makeup but not lipstick. I have no idea where this alleged lipstick mark would have come from. Also, once again the intro and shower part is a pretty scripted part in my service. I always lead the client to the bathroom and check that there is a towel on the back of the door for them and point it out. I have absolutely no idea how he thought the hand towel on the sink was meant to be his towel, but I guess from the door knocking we can see that following instructions is not a strong point for this man. "First her hair was blonde and when I said I thought she was a brunette... she said she dyed her hair recently" My hair is most definitely brunette. It is long (down to my booty) and brown. It has never been dyed, and most certainly never been bleached blonde. You can tell from the dates of content I posted during this period that my hair remained the same as it always has. The amount of damage I would do to my hair just to bleach it for one 20 minute appointment and then get it back brown for a social meeting a few hours later would be astounding. "She told me she was from the South Island, was studying in Auckland"

Finally! Some truth! "Once the clothes were gone it revealed her ultra plus size" This is something that really bothers me. I go on and on about how I am chubby, chonky, fat, plus sized, marshmellow soft, size 14. I have literally hundreds of unedited photos and videos on social media at any given time. My size is pretty clear. You can also subscribe to my AVN for a low price and see full naked versions of me (its a small price to pay, especially if you are considering spending time with me and want to see a bit more). No matter how much I stress this fact, some dudes simply do not get it. Marko appears to be one of them. "Not only the flaccid large boobs" My tits are natural J cups. They each weigh over 1.5kg.

3 DD titties = 1 J titty

2 F titties = 1 J titty. My tits are massive and heavy. They may defy affordable bras, but they do not defy gravity. Especially since I have had them for at least 10 years at this stage (my first bra fitting 10 years ago was a G cup). Natural boobs sag. It is what happens.

I know of a thread where men were discussing if they like natural VS enhanced tittys, and a lot of the men were going on and on about how natural is best and their fave workers had the best natural tits, only to be corrected by the workers themselves that they were in fact enhanced. Surgery is pretty good these days, it can be difficult to tell the difference. Maybe Marko hasn't seen real life big titties before.

image 3 - They still pretty perky considering they are heavy enough to cause my spine to curve "Unbelievable stomach with fat hanging everywhere"

This part I think he is definitely exaggerating. I have a chubby tummy (once again, can be seen in photos and videos I post) but he should have been able to see that with 0.2 seconds of research. "In fact she had a hairy pussy, not trimmed or cared for in any way, just a blonde bush between her legs" A few things to unpack here. First of all, at the start of his review he listed "hairy snatch" as a reason he wanted to see me. He even confirmed in a text with me that it was unshaven, because it was important to him. Then he gets all offended that I have a hairy pussy. Pubic hair is unfortunately a bit taboo for the advertising platform he found my ad on. I have sent to many emails to my profile manager trying to get the fact that I have a completely natural bush added to my ad, however it is always ignored. Other workers also have this problem. I get around this by stating it pretty fucking obviously on my website HERE. My bush can also be viewed on AVN and there are also a few posts about it on my twitter. When I say completely natural bush, I do in fact mean it. My pubic hair is also not blonde. It is black. Considering how sensitive my skin is to everything I put on it (reason I don't wear makeup is because most brands cause me to either break out, rash up, or swell my eyes shut), I cannot imagine putting bleach near my pubic area. What a way for a serious chemical burn to occur. Once again, there are some bush pics on twitter but most are on AVN.

image 4 - Marko checking in on the pubic hair situation, only to get offended that it is as advertised. "She had to lift some of the lard so I could see it" Once again this man is exaggerating some bullshit. I have a chubby tummy but it doesn't overhang (especially when standing). My bush is pretty clearly visible when I sit and stand. Once again something that can be seen on AVN. "I was actually thinking of saying "look sweetie... I need to go" but I was sorry for her"

I would have much preferred you left. If I wasn't what you were expecting, you should have paid the cancellation fee and fucked right off. There is no need to feel sorry for me, my business runs exactly how I want it to with plenty of regular clients that I enjoy spending time with.

I have absolutely no need for clients that make me hate myself. "I noticed her body was covered with some sort of pimples or scars left by boils"

Bitch, where? I know I have some acne on my face from time to time (the joys of hormonal birth control), but the rest of my body isn't covered in boils or pimples? I have stretchmarks and cellulite, but being human that is pretty normal. Once again, with the exception of my professional photos, everything that I post is completely unedited. Even on my AVN where a lot of me is on show, I think you'd be pretty hard pressed to find what Marko is describing. "Obviously everyone can see that the lady in the profile is plus size... I wasn't expecting someone probably fighting obesity who can hardly move in bed"

I am plus sized. Absolutely cannot stress that enough. I don't think the rest of his assessment is accurate though. As someone who struggles with health issues and medications that cause weight gain, his comments are pretty hurtful and have no place. If he doesn't like plus sized girls, why go see one? "The photos on the profile don't correspond with the person I met/ either these photos were taken a long time ago when she looked very different or I met someone else who was impersonating Ashley Monroe"

The photos on my profile when he met me were less than a month and a half old. They were taken on November 30th by Karl Clifford (@Artprovocative on twitter), who is a photographer that I have worked with in the past. The videos from that shoot were also available on my twitter, website and AVN (vids were free to view). You can compare those pics and vids to my selfies, and its pretty obvious I am the same me. The thing that confuses me most is that he obviously met me, yet has so many of the details completely wrong. He also left a few scathing reviews of other popular workers, which have all since been deleted and he has been banned. 10/10 would not recommend Marko. Bonus! (Just to drive in the point about how important it is to read the ads fully, and to check out any other info you can find on your chosen provider) My first tour in Wellington last year I had a client walk on me. He met me, came up to my room (I had to pick him up from reception due to keycard elevators), counted his money infront of me and said he couldn't go through with it. After he had left, I asked him why. Turns out he didn't read the part of my ad where I explicitly state that I don't wear makeup, and greet my clients dressed casually. He offered to come back if I wore some makeup (which I don't own) and showed off my tits a little more when I greeted him.

My good sir, I am not going down to a hotel reception to greet you with my tits hanging out. It is not discreet or private in the slightest, and may draw the kind of attention that would get me kicked out. Use your common sense.

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