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26 / Gemini / 5'4" / pale complexion / New Zealand European / Tattoo free / pierced ears / Natural J cup breasts / Completely natural pubic hair / No makeup / Dress size 16 / Shoe size 8-9 / Non-smoker / Drug free / Rarely drinks alcohol / Auckland escort

I'm a high energy companion with an insatiable curiosity both in and out of the bedroom. Out of the bedroom, this leads to me to constantly challenge myself both physically and mentally with a wide range of activities. I entertain myself with hiking trips, gym sessions, gaming, studying and logic puzzles! 

I have a particular interest in medical sciences, and aspire to be a doctor at the end of my studies. What kind of doctor? Not entire sure yet, it changes all the time. 

In the bedroom i'm a bit of a tease and love to try new things! Communication is my strong point, and I love someone who can communicate what they like with me as well. Whether you want a sensual GFE that kicks of with massage and lots of little kisses, or you want to begin your journey experimenting with kink, I may just be your girl x

Alcohol: Whisky! Especially Jack Daniels 
Author: Stephen King
Hobbies: Gaming, hiking
Brand: Icebreaker

Perfume: Vanilla from the body shop

Colour: Blue

Chocolate: white chocolate

Music: (to be super cliche) anything!


Turn ons: Breast play, kissing, massage
Turn offs: Going too fast, pressure to orgasm, negotiators, sticking a finger in my butt without asking
Toy: Evolved Little dipper

Lube: Wicked aqua sensitive unscented 

Ideal Booking length: It changes depending the mood I'm in ;)


Gifts are not expected but are always appreciated! 

Small succulents/cacti 
Steam gift cards
League of Legends RP gift cards
Handwritten cards/letters
Cheese (any kind, even blue) 

Egift cards


(Please send egift cards to

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