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Bring on 2024`!

2024 will be a year of growth. Personally, professionally and holistically. Professionally - I enjoy working at Crystal and Friends Massage and will continue to do so. It has been a game-changer working somewhere safe and supportive, significantly improving my work-life balance. My deluxe massage will also be making an official return as an extra. - Due to the loss of my incall, my private appointments will be significantly limited. I will still be offering them, however, I will become even pickier with whom I choose to spend my time and affection. Priority will be given to extended dates and arrangements. - Content creation will be my main focus this year, with plenty of posts over on TittymonsterHQ and blog posts here. With this, a quick reminder not to message me about in-person services on social media platforms or content sites. It's a bannable offence. Personally

- Those of you who have known me for a while will have noticed changes in my physical appearance over the last few years (especially over the covid years). I plan on working on my physical health and transforming my body with fitness. - My studies will continue to be a focal point in my life, with my eyes set on. a straight A+ year.

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