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Restaurant month!

Winter is nearly over, the borders are finally open, and things are looking up. August brings about restaurant month, something that has been cut short for the last couple of years. Without the threat of another lockdown, there is no better time to get out, support local businesses and enjoy a variety of dining experiences. For those who would enjoy some company on their culinary adventures, I am available all month and will be offering August discounts on some of my longer bookings.

mini meet and play ($350) + restaurant month social hour.

Perfect for the anxious or first timers, my mini meet and play is one hour social, and one hour GFE. It gives us time to relax in each others company and build a connection before taking things to the bedroom. As someone with a wide variety of interests and hobbies, you will find me a great conversationalist that is easy to get along with.

Meet and play (10% off, now $630) + restaurant month $25 menu or $40 menu A step up from the mini, a full meet and play consists of two hours social and two hours GFE. Take things slow and sensual in the bedroom, before heading out for a leisurely meal to satiate the appetite we work up.

Overnight (20% off, now $1200 GFE or $720 snuggle buddies) + restaurant month $55+ menu

For those who want the fun to last longer, and to wake up my marshmallow embrace , an overnight is the way to go. Choose between a traditional GFE or platonic snuggle buddy options, and let the night commence! Of course the above are just suggestions, and can be mixed and matched at will. Those who know me and have spent time with me in the past, will know that I am just as happy with ubereats and Netflix! If food isn't your thing, there are also plenty of events lined up this month to keep us busy. Looking forward to catching up, Ashley x

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