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So much fun!

This is the review I have been sat on for months, and the only excuse I can think of is for the sake of perspective, because this lady is unique and genuine in ways that I hadn’t even considered. The truth is; my range of experience isn’t that great and Ashley exposed this, but Id rather be at the start of an adventure with a heart full of expectation than at the end of one. I’ve often heard the phrase ‘The girl next door’ and never really knew what people were talking about till I met Ashley...and there she was, the girl that could happily be at an AG day, riding a quad, fishing, walking, Netflix or gaming. But be warned, hidden behind that diminutive 5’4” frame and warm smile is a busty, curvy, vivacious fire-cracker. She reminded me of my mates girlfriend when I first started motorcycling, the hot little biker chick with the sparkling personality and massive boobs – everyone was secretly very envious. And so it was – I took full advantage of her social rates and I got to live out a long held jealous fantasy. Ashley got to be the first lady I took for a spin on the bike. Magic. I swear this is how she looked, and even if it’s not entirely accurate it captures Ashley perfectly.

She’s a total sweetheart, she’s fun, bubbly and smart. She means what she says and didn’t try to fake what she doesn’t know...and she knew a lot – stuff you could not know unless you were very deliberately interested....and she knows what you want...more to the point she knows what you need, she has the moves. What really surprised me was how light strong and agile she was – but if you know her chosen sport it’s not hard to work out why. I always thought of an experience like that as ‘fun’ in the sense that I enjoyed it, not pure fun in the playful sense that Ashley brings to the party and oh boy, what a party that was. Well what a teacher, and after all – they say you learn more when you are having fun. Go see Ashley, her learning curves will see you graduate in no time. - Donald06, August 2019 Provider Club link HERE

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