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Kinky's Birthday Bash

For my birthday this year I decided to do something a little different.

My normal punts these days are Overnight Kink Filled booking's with Mistress Joysin in Hamilton.

But as it was my Birthday Joysin and I decided to invite Ashley along for a 3 hour stint to start the night off

And WOW....what a night it was!!

A few of the memories include

  • Sexy Sensual Massage

  • Some Very kinky fun

  • Ordering lots of Nuggets on Uber Eats

  • A certain someone (not saying who) answering the door in a shear black bodysuit to give the uber eats driver a cheap thrill!

  • Even more even kinkier fun!

By the time I departed back to Aucks the next day I was considering changing my name to King Kiwi......Joysin & Ashley made this my best birthday ever!!

I'm going to have to save up for next years birthday and find some way to top it......maybe find another to join the fun?

- Kinky Kiwi, July 2019

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