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More Than Just a Chicken Nugget Connoisseur

Ashley & I had been chicken nugget "pen pals" for a while and when she announced she was coming to Wellington, it was only right that we met in person.

I had promised her that I would help her achieve one of her goals of eating 100 chicken nuggets in one sitting, but as we were both not in match fit condition, I settled for a sensual massage from her instead which she was happy to oblige with.

Ashley is as delightful in person as her online persona and whilst our shared love of deep fried, coated pieces of chicken dominated the conversation, we touched upon other things as well.

On the subject of touched upon, a massage from Ms Monroe is definitely something you need to experience. As described by the lady herself, her massage style is intimate and playful and she uses all parts of her body to please all parts of yours - especially her magnificent boobs (you can't have a review of Ashley without mentioning them! She's not the self-titled "Titty Monster" for nothing!)

Ashley mentioned she is getting some further training to sharpen her skills. Whilst I don't know how they could be topped, I'd be mad not to see what she's learned if she ever roars back into town! -Bond_27, June 2019 Adult Forum link HERE

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