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Sensual Massage at sensual relax

Having engaged with Ashley via the Forum's live chat and observed that she was now offering Sensual Massage via Sensual Relax I decided to make a booking and go and see her.

Made the booking via text easily enough. Location is easy to find on K'Rd. Got upstairs and started to get that sinking feeling when having paid my money was asked to take a seat in the waiting area (like any normal waiting area). My worst fears were realised when another punter turned up, paid his money and was also asked to take a seat. Needless to say we both sat there ignoring one another as best we could.

After what seemed like forever (probably five minutes) Ashley turned up and took me upstairs. Not sure why I wasn't taken upstairs straightaway to avoid running into anyone. Perhaps Sensual Relax don't see what the problem is but I wasn't too impressed and discussed with Ashley who said she was going to take it up with management. Not Ashley's fault and she was nothing but professional, friendly and fantastically erotic (refer details below) but the whole feel was of a place just starting out (yet its been around a while) and still ironing out some kinks (excuse the pun). As an example there was no pillow so when I rolled over we manufactured one out of towels. I have to say that none of the short comings I have mentioned are that major and with a bit more planning will be easily resolved and once they are this will be a great place to add to your list of Sensual Massage establishments to visit.

Onto the massage itself. Ashley is a cute young lady with absolutely enormous breasts. To say they are large is an understatement. To say they are full is simply pointless as it doesn't convey just how buxom Ashley is. Now I'm not normally a breast man (more of an arse man actually) but having had the pleasure and joy of Ashley's company for a generous hour I left with a new appreciation of what can be achieved by a kinky young woman who knows exactly what she is doing.

During our hour Ashley took me to places I never knew existed and just when I thought I would plunge into the abyss helpless and unable to resist any longer Ashley would guide me back, resuscitate me, calm me and relax me before whisking me down another worm hole more delicious and deviant than the previous one and before I could draw breath there I was teetering on the edge of the abyss again and oh how I craved to be allowed to drown in its splendor, but Ashley, always knowing and ever alert kept me out of harms way while she played with me some more. It would have been easy for me to believe she was being cruel by not letting me go but as we went on and reached higher points than the one before and as she dragged her ample bosom over my most sensitive areas I came to realise that I was truly in the hands of a master who knew that the longer I lasted the more exhilarating the final moment would be. When the end finally did come I was in such a state of frenzy that I momentarily lost all control as I grabbed those delicious mountains of joy for the final time and plunged deep into the abyss. I couldn't have been happier until I realised the end had finally arrived and soon I would be leaving. Such sweet sorrow indeed.

If you like big boobs and being totally indulged by a delightful young lady who knows exactly what she is doing then you can't go wrong with Ashley Monroe a Sensual Massage Therapist Extraordinaire! -George71, May 2019

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