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Year in review - feedback

Already halfway through January already!

I really enjoyed reading your feedback that was submitted, and i'm so glad many of you are enjoying my efforts. Only way from here is forward.


Website overview - Overall the feedback on my website was positive. It is easy to read and navigate on mobile which is good to hear as I was having issues with that on an earlier version. Everything you need to know about me, and the info I require from you is accessible. People are also loving the blogs, which is good because I have near weekly blogs lined up for posting.

Areas of concern for website - Updated photos needed. This is true, I do have a recent shoot from just before second lockdown and will be uploading that soon. I'm also excited to have a few shoots lined up with photographers such as Andrius Kilgour and Blackfriday88, as well as a new photographer I aim to work with on monthly basis.

Ways to display my availability. This is a tricky one, as my availability is always evolving. I now require a minimum of 24 hours notice for bookings, and only see 1 client per day. This means that I do tend to book out quite quickly. I will work on finding a way so that I can make my availability a bit more obvious (I'll also be writing a blog post on this topic, so keep an eye out!).

Content sites (AVN/Onlyfans) overview - You guys love the genuine picture I portray and appreciate that I don't photoshop my pics and come accross as super chill. I love this, because this is how I want to be seen (it also saves me having to learn how to edit photos). Videos and B/G content seem to be the crowd favourite.

Areas of concern for content - Regular content scheduling. I acknowledge that I have not been the most consistent in terms of uploading content. This is due to a lot of things but I am hoping to change that this year, once I move into my new space. If you are a regular client of mine and would like me to film a clip of us (either something in the moment or something you have planned) during a booking, please let me know and it can be arranged! I will likely be upping the price of my AVN subscriptions when I have a more regular posting schedule as I don't do PPV or paywalls beyond the initial subscription (all content in my clipstore is available on the subscriber timeline).

In person meets overview - We shall keep the details of this one to ourselves ;)

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive coming from those who had met me, and many of you wish to come see me in the future. I come across as both a professional and someone who cares and you can create a real connection with. Reading feedback like this makes me so heckin happy!

Areas of concern for in person meets - More availability which is something I will address in my next blog post. Other than that nothing was really mentioned, but I look forward to continue to improve my services (especially now GFE is all inclusive of my extras) and break out a cool set of new tricks.

Thank you to all who contributed to this feedback & to those who continue to support me.

Winners of the prize draw have been contacted privately.

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