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Where has Ashley been?!

Last lockdown hit many people hard, me included.

The last lockdown and a series of unfortunate events resulted in me taking a bit of an unintentional break, as I needed to prioritize my health and my studies. After what seemed like a blink of an eye, I am finally back on track with everything! My studies have wrapped up for the year, and while the results are still yet to come out (hopefully will be out sometime in november), it looks like I have achieved my goal of straight A grades for this year. Studying during 'rona times was an interesting experience that I hope I wont be limited to next year. Doing a practical science degree without stepping foot into a lab is not ideal. University has ended for the year, but I still have quite a lot on my plate and my availability will remain limited. I am lucky enough to have picked up a part time retail job and am currently spending 3/4 days a week there. For this reason I am keeping my 24 hour notice period for bookings and will be updating my website and twitter each week with the days that I am available.

My AVN has fallen a little behind, however I purposefully keep my subscription price low ($1.99 USD per month) to make up for periods of limited posting. I'll be starting that up again asap as it is something that I really enjoy doing. I view it as an extension of my social media (think twitter and instagram) so will be doing my best to start posting on those platforms again as well. One of the hardest things about keeping my socials updated is the feeling that I am posting into the void (thanks to being shadow banned out a wazoo, I probably am). To combat this I am introducing a new engagement system where the more you engage with me on social media through comments, likes and shares, the more points you earn which can then be redeemed for prizes. More on that new system on saturday. Now that my mind is a little less boom its time for productivity!

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