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What to expect when coming to see me (updated 2021)

Securing a booking: You can book me via email, site contact form & text. Please include your name, what service you want, what date/time you want, and the duration of the service. It also helps me if you include some of the things you are looking for, as it helps me cater the booking to your taste.

Payment: Payment can either be made in the days prior to the booking via bank transfer, or on the day in cash. Please note that I do not accept bank transfer as a method of payment on the same day as the booking. The money must be in my account for the booking to go ahead.

Confirming your booking: I will always send you a text two hours before the appointment to confirm that we are still on. If you need to cancel or change the time/day of the appointment and haven't already, this is your chance.

"Hey just checking we are still on for xx time?"

If you confirm, I will send you a further text confirming the price of the appointment and instructions to text me once you have reached the Skytower. It is a main landmark within a short walking distance from my incall. Once you have reached it and sent me a text I will send address details.

"I am located in xx building yy apartment. Please type yy on the intercom and then the bell button and I will buzz you up. It is important you buzz up as you will not be able to access the elevator without doing so. When you reach my floor, my apartment door will be unlocked so please just walk straight in."

Planning your journey: I am located very close to the skytower. Set the skytower as your destination.

ATMs nearby: There is a kiwibank atm on Victoria st, near The Mexican Cafe. There are also ATM machines for most of the banks along Queen st.

Parking: Parking in the city can be frustrating sometimes. Be sure to leave plenty of time to find a park before your appointment.

- Cheapest carpark near me

- closest carpark near me

What you need to bring: Just bring yourself and the payment (if in cash) :) I will supply everything else we need including condoms, lube, and a nice warm shower.


During booking

You will arrive and I will greet you in my apartment.

What i'll wear: I will usually wear a dress or playsuit. I am very casual and do not wear makeup or shoes, as I find this makes me the most comfortable.

We will get payment out of the way quickly, and if the booking is longer than 30 minutes I will offer you a drink (water/beer/juice/soda). We can then have a quick chat on the couch and get to know each other. I'll ask what you like in the bedroom, so then is your chance to go over anything you particularly like/dont like or anything you want to try*. You will then be asked to shower where I have nice fluffy towels, a selection of body washes, a selection of body sprays & mouthwash. Please use these. Sometimes I will shower with you if that is what you want.

You will then come into the bedroom where the fun will happen! The room is quite cozy and will by lit by a lamp in the corner. There is also a big mirror off to the side where you can see what we are doing. I have no set "script" for my bookings and they change each time depending on the feel. I will always check in with you to ask if what i'm doing is ok, if you like it, if you want me to stop etc. There is no pressure to do anything you don't want to. On my service page I have list of activities that may be included during our time together, although often we don't get around to everything. If there is something you are particularly keen on, please let me know so I can be sure to include it!

Once the timer has gone off/the booking has concluded, I will offer you a shower once again. It's up to you whether or not you wish to shower again. No matter how long our booking was, I will also offer you a drink of water/juice/soda at this point as I know it can be thirsty work. You can also help yourself to the snack bowl and grab something for the road. _________________________________________________________________________

Post booking

I will never message you without you first initiating contact, as I value privacy and discretion and don't want you getting caught out.

I expect you to also value my privacy and the discretion of the location and not to turn up unannounced at random times (it sounds stupid but it does happen)

*Please note that I follow the PRA (2003) and I do not offer any unprotected services (including bbbj). Asking for unprotected services will result in the booking being stopped and no refund of money given.

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