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Double trouble with Alice Blake

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

I swear this was Alice's idea. A very good one as it turns out. I'm sandwiched between Alice and Ashley on the couch, getting caressed and pampered and seduced while we get to know each other, meeting at long last, cos there'd been a bit of chatting and flirting here and there and I'd been hankering to meet them both and here we are, here I am, killing two birds with one stone, as they say. And I've hit the jackpot, the early worm has got the birds, as I settle in for what is obviously going to be a whole lot of sexy fun.

And so it is, we dance and hug our way into the bedroom, an occasional pause here and there to shed an article of clothing or two until eventually we're a naked and unruly pile of bodies strewn on the bed, I gather the troops together for a team cuddle but this doesn't last long, we celebrate perpetual motion here at AA unanimous, Alice and Ashley are not resting on their laurels, or their guest, they've got a good time to show him and show him they do.

Then a wand appears and gets pressed into service, and I idly wonder why it's called a wand, it looks nothing like a wand, I'm no expert but Harry Potter's is long and skinny; this baby is big and colourful and looks for all the world like something Katy Perry would swing around the stage when she's not roaring into it. But this train of thought is doomed, because the girls are tackling their guest with gusto, no sooner do I get used to one delicious activity when another one appears, overlapping the first and I reckon I'm giving multitasking a fair shot, although to be fair I don't have much choice in the matter. And the wand is wandering, covering a fair bit of ground, we all get to enjoy its affections in its travels, the first of many things that add to the large pile of condoms on the floor and I have my hands full, in many ways, including the nicest possible way.

It's an inundation of women, it's like the floodgates have opened and I get swept up and away in a rush of boobs and bodies and grins and laughter and sensations and this is fun with a capital S

Ah yes, Ashley and Alice are awesome. Ain't it amazing, a kooky old guy who's no oil painting can show a bit of koha and a bit of respect and have an experience most men would only ever dream of.

- Slowhand, May 2019

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