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My business has gone through a number of changes over the past year as I have returned to full time study. I have found requiring more notice for bookings allows me to better organise my life so I have enough time for all aspects of my life and enjoy my hobbies too. When I began in the industry, I would dedicate so much time and end up sitting around for hours, which eroded my enthusiasm. This business model works so much better for me, and allows me to thoroughly enjoy every single booking, something that my clients have picked up on.

A few things to note about my availability:

  1. I work by appointment only.

I do not keep set hours or shifts where I am available at short notice. It is not a good use of my time to sit around waiting for bookings to magically appear. Beyond my university schedule, I am pretty flexible for bookings made in advance. Evenings and weekends work best for me, and if you prefer daytime, we can work with that too when I get my timetable for this upcoming semester.

2. I require a minimum of 24 hours notice

One of the big changes in my availability was the switch from the two hours notice period, to a 24 hour notice period. With this I have noticed a significant increase in my happiness and productivity and a decrease in stress and anxiety. I credit this to the fact that I no longer feel trapped, like I can't start anything because I always needed to be ready to drop everything and head to my incall at a moments notice. With 24 hours notice, I can happily plan my day around my bookings.

3. Same day bookings are rare

While I can potentially accommodate bookings made on the same day, this disrupts my schedule and I will charge a $50 fee on top of the booking cost for the inconvenience of having to reshuffle my plans.

4. I see a limited number of clients per day/week.

I have been low volume for the better part of 2 years now, and it definitely suits me the best. I only see 1-2 clients per day so that I can have a solid work/life balance, and so that I can give my best to those who do choose to spend time with me. For clients, this means my incall remains discreet for you, and I can be a little more flexible about when I see you.

5. Deposits.

This is a complicated area for the industry, and I am apprehensive about implementing these for a number of reasons. However, as I do not advertise on high traffic platforms and only take on a few bookings per week, cancellations do take a significant toll on my income. For this reason it is likely I will be looking at requiring deposits later in the year, especially for new clients.

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