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Introducing Nugg points!

Problem: Social media interaction is waning, partially due to my reduced activity and partially due to being shadowbanned out the wazoo.

Solution: Nugget points.

Inspired by twitch TV's channel points and associated rewards, I have come up with a system where interaction with my posts on both AVN and twitter will net you points which you can then redeem for rewards.

AVN: stars.avn.com/tittymonsterhq

Twitter: Twitter.com/ashleymonroexo & twitter.com/tittymonsterhq

Step 1 - Sign up through this google form (the information I am gathering is your username for both platforms nugg points can be scored on, so I can keep track of your earnings)

Step 2- I will give you a unique 4 digit number as an identifier, so that you can keep track of your points on the global spreadsheet here. The spreadsheet will be updated weekly on fridays.

Step 3 - Interact with my posts and earn nugg points! The amount of points you earn differ based on the type of interaction, as well as your level of support on AVN.

Step 4: Once you have accumulated enough nugg points, you can redeem them for rewards. This part is still under construction, and will be released December 1st. You can suggest what kind of rewards you would like to see in the points sign up sheet.

Different tiers of support are also a new thing, and are as follows:

Followers: Following me is free! As long as you are 18+ you can follow and support me through likes/comments/retweets. If you have an account you don't want associated with NSFW social media, you can always create an alt account.

Tier 1 sub: Tier 1 subscription is paying the $1.99 a month to subscribe to me on AVN stars. Perks of being a tier 1 sub include being able to see my sub only content as well as the free stuff.

Tier 2 sub: Tier 2 subscription is a tier 1 sub, plus a $3 tip (per month). Tier 2 sub perks includes tier 1 perks + 1 free entry to my monthly raffles and exclusive weekly pics and vids straight to your inbox.

Tier 3 sub: Tier 1 subscription is a tier 1 sub + an $8 tip. Tier 3 includes all the perks of the previous tiers as well as unlimited platonic messaging and any clips I upload to the store will be sent to your inbox free of charge.

A few things to note

Nugg points on twitter can be counted from the nugget point post on the 13th of november 2020. While interacting with posts older than this is appreciated, the points will not count. Points on AVN count on all posts so you can go through and farm those if you want.

No spamming. Unliking then reliking something a bunch of times will not count, neither will spam commenting on my posts. Only one of each action will be counted per post.

If you can't sub to me on AVN for whatever reason (usually privacy ones), contact me and we can organize payment via bank transfer/voucher and I can give you access to the sub benefits then.

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