• ashleymonroex

Introducing Veronica Bloom! (2 for 1 girl special for January)

My Friend Veronica has recently started working full service and I am so excited! What better way to welcome her to the industry than plenty of group fun? She and I are practically twins. Soft skin, curvy bodies (she's got the ass, I specialize in boob), both left handed... I could go on. We offer giggly and cuddly straight doubles where all the attention is on you, and leave you blissfully relaxed. For the rest of January, we have an introductory offer on our doubles, with a "2 for 1" price. Interested? Contact me or Veronica to find out more! Veronica's Twitter, AVN, Tryst ad *$300 per hour rates apply, no further discounts offered. ** Straight doubles do not include me and Veronica playing with each other (those are bi doubles, we do not offer them together).