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Give the gift of advertising this holiday season!

The December-January holiday season is notoriously slow for providers. Some of you out there will be wondering what gifts you can give that will help cheer us up and help get us through this festive season.

All things (and corona) considered, one of the best and ever appreciated gifts is to help us expand our businesses. As a provider lucky enough to have a stable business model that has kept me sustained throughout this turbulent year, it has given me time to think about things that have contributed to my success. The following things have helped me tremendously on this journey and I believe they would make wonderful and thoughtful gifts for that special provider in your life.



Anyone who has met me will know how passionate I am about ethical, provider run and accessible advertising. Putting up an ad (or several) is often a big expense for providers, and at this time of year it can be particularly difficult to find the extra money to advertise.

Tryst is an Australian based site for independent providers world wide. Launching in the post back page era, this relatively new site has grown a strong reputation overseas and continues to gain traction in New Zealand.

While Tryst is currently free for NZ providers to advertise, they do have a few paid options that help a profile stand out and the money spent will go towards the upkeep and improvement of a site that values sex workers.

You can sign up through the client portal and gift "TLC" directly to the Tryst accounts of providers. Advertising on Tryst costs between $39 and $94 USD per month ($55-$131 NZD). Please remember when gifting TLC that the rates shown are in USD.

NZ Pleasures is a New Zealand owned and operated advertising platform, with one of the co-owners being the wonderful Jordan Quinn. They relaunched the platform in November with added functionality and a new drive going forward.

Advertising on NZ pleasures starts at $20 per week, with a number of features you can add on for an extra $5 each. A fully decked out profile on this site costs $40 p/w ($160 per month). While they have yet to implement a feature to donate credit directly to a providers account, you can always get a prezzy card for the advertising amount and send it through to your worker of choice.


Brand and marketing advice

There are increased expectations and pressures on providers to have more than directory advertising for their businesses. Social media can be a confusing platform, from finding an audience, creating engaging content, to navigating privacy and security and the threats of breaching ever-changing terms and conditions. For example, Instagram continues to severely moderate the content, and their latest changes will impact all sex workers who use the site to promote their services. Having the knowledge and the skills to grow a business using social media is important, and there are resources available, tailored to the specific needs of sex workers, who are extremely helpful.

The first is Lola Davina, who has developed books which are full of useful information and advice. Her books cover a range of topics with "Thriving in Sex Work" providing a wide scope of the industry and how to operate in it, and "Sex Work and Money" dealing with the more financial side of things. On occasion our friends at NZ pleasures are known to bring the paperback versions into the country for purchase, however the easiest and most environmentally friendly way is to order in ebook format and have it sent straight to the email of your favourite provider.

The second is Amberly Rothfield, who has dedicated time to navigating the complexities of sex worker social media. Her work primarily targets those whose businesses are purely online (cam models, phone sex operators), though as many of us move to diversifying our income streams, having knowledge of how to make money online is valuable. A one on one market consult with Amberly would be an amazing way to start the new year for any worker, especially those who dabble or focus on online work. Due to limitations (Amberly is amazing and is often booked out 6-1o weeks in advance) it is best to discuss this gift with your provider and sort from there. Otherwise, Amberly has also published a number of books and guides that are available on Amazon (and an amazon giftcard is easy enough to send to your provider so they can redeem it for some of the books that apply to their circumstance).

For a closer to home approach Chloe Beaumont offers marketing advice and consultations specifically tailored to New Zealand sex workers. With three years sex work experience, and a marketing degree, she has an in-depth knowledge of the industry.

She has a wide range of services available, with ad copies ($50 per copy), websites (from Wix templates $300), social media analysis and 3 month plan ($100) and custom response templates ($25). Chloe also has a great a package deal for $450 which will contain all of the above + 2 extra ad copies.


Things you can do for free

Even if you aren't in the position to be able to give a gift to your favourite provider this year, there is still plenty more you can do to help support them for free.

- Leave a like/comment/retweet on social media posts. With social media sites and algorithms determined to banish the accounts of sex workers to the shadows, interacting with our content is now more important than ever. I

-Testimonials. While some sex workers have "no review" policies, many of us enjoy receiving testimonials from our clients. It helps us attract new business by basically verifying that we are who we say we are. Sending an email or a text to your fave provider with a testimonial they can add to their website or ad copy is a very sweet gesture.


My contribution

Despite 2020 being a challenging year in many regards, I have managed to accomplish many of my goals thanks to sex work and the flexibility it provides. As someone who started out in this industry as a survival worker and often had barriers expanding my business (👀), I understand the struggles many are facing at the moment.

For this reason, I will be giving away a 1 month full advertising package to NZpleasures ($165 NZD value, includes the base advert and all the extra ad ons), as well as a full brand and social media consult with Chloe Beaumont ($450 NZD value, includes a Wix website, 3x ad copies, 1 set of custom reply templates, 1 social media review and a 3 month social media plan).

These are two separate prizes.

Winners will be chosen at random on boxing day and announced on twitter.

To enter or to nominate your favourite worker please comment on this tweet who you would nominate, for which prize and why! You can nominate multiple people/be nominated multiple times.

Another thing to note going forward into the new year, is that myself and Chloe want to support NZ pleasures as much as we can. The best way we can think to do this is to help populate the site with profiles. If you are an advertiser that is currently bound by exclusivity to another platform (👀), we can offer our ad copy writing services to create a secondary persona for you for free (usually $50) under the provision that you will sign up and advertise with our favourite platform for at least one month. We will even throw in a custom set of response templates for free!

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