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Traffic lights and companionship: my COVID protocols

It has been a long four months, but with the introduction of the traffic light system I am now able to return to work!

As a someone in an industry where "close contact" could not be any closer, I have spent a lot of time reading the guidelines and adjusting my business practices so that I can maximize safety without compromising satisfaction.


I am double vaxxed and fully stacked! Got them Pfizer titties in spades. I completed my second dose on the 4th of september.

Under the traffic light system it is a requirement that my clients are also vaccinated and present their vaccine pass.

Contact tracing

For the purposes of contact tracing I do require a phone number or email that you can be contacted on in case of exposure. All of this information is kept secure on my personal device and are all password and two-factor authentication secured. I do not give out any information I collect.

I ask that if you are identified as a close or casual contact of a COVID case around the time of our date, to please let me know ASAP.


I host from a private apartment in the CBD, that is only used by myself and my bubble buddy (Chloe). When you come to my space, not only can you be confident that you and I will not be disturbed, you can also rest assured that you will be the only guest at the apartment on any given day.

With this limitation in place, I will be seeing a maximum of 3 clients per week with a minimum duration of 1 hour. Prebookings are essential, and I will aim to keep my website updated with my availability. Mini meet and play ($350), meet and play ($700) and Nugget Daddy packages (varying cost) are my most popular services. These are awesome for us to hang out, get to know each other, and enjoy a relaxed girlfriend experience.

Deposits and payment

Moving forward I will be requiring deposits from all clients to secure our time together.

Deposits can be paid via bank transfer, and the payment must clear prior to the booking. At this time I am unable to accept screenshots as proof of payment.

- Bookings of 1-2 hours $50 deposit

- Bookings of 3-4 hours $100 deposit

- Bookings of 5+ hours $250 deposit

Deposits are fully refundable if you provide 24 hours notice, and are able to be used for booking reschedule if less notice is given. Due to the current situation I very much understand that things can change at a moments notice, so will allow dates to be rescheduled up to 2 times.

If I need to cancel the session, you may either request a refund of the deposit, or choose to use it to reschedule another date.

As for the rest of the payment, cash is still king, however I now am able to take full payment via bank transfer as well.


I am still offering doubles with my bubble buddy (Chloe Beaumont).

As time progresses and we get a feel for the situation, I hope to start offering doubles with my other friends as well.


Even in pre-COVID times touring is a huge financial risk. With increased vigilance from accommodation providers and a general mistrust towards Aucklanders, it is with great sadness to decide not to tour for a while.

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