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2020 wrap up and a new direction for 2021

Due to COVID, I didn't end up working as much as I had expected and many of my goals I had set remain to be carried over into this new year. Not all was wasted though, I returned to study and succeeded (7x A+ and 1x A) and managed to get my health under control to the point where I was able to get back into the civvie work force part time. Sex work has played a big part in me being able to achieve both of these goals, with the flexibility with time and the income allowing me to get and keep on track.

I am so thankful to everyone who has supported me in my journey and I look forward to what is to come.

Some of my 2020 working highlights were:

  • Breaking keto with a client (who is also keto) with some heckin delicious Electric chicken during a great night with youtube and cuddles.

  • Pedicures, shitty movies, alien eggs and my butterfly art ;)

  • Receiving a Christmas message from one of my all time favourite clients based overseas.

  • Lots and lots of tittymonster massages!

  • Making content for AVN with my friends Chloe and Veronica.

  • The generosity of the community after Chloe and I got bamboozled by a Jimothy.

  • The kind messages, tips and encouragement from my community on AVN/Onlyfans (thank you all so much for your patience last year! I appreciate all of you).

  • Hanging out each week with a generous patron who supported and funded my studies.

I will be conducting my annual review this year, with a few different prizes for those who participate. If you would like to participate please follow this link

5x one month AVN/Onlyfans subscriptions

1x half price overnight (client must have seen me before)

1x half price meet and play

2x half price massages


Looking to the future in 2021

My location:

This is the year of saying goodbye to the Eden Terrace incall that I have called my zone for the past two years. I will be available from a luxury incall in the CBD from the 11th of January.

My services and prices:

I will be combining my GFE and deluxe GFE services into one service, so no need to pay extra for an upgrade for toys/thin condoms/dress ups etc. With that being said, I will be raising my rates to allow for the increased cost in both premises and service. My full service rates will be $300 hour/$200 half hour/$150 20 minutes. Multi hour bookings and meet and play variations will also be changing rates which will be reflected on my website. Social, cuddle, nugget daddy and massage rates remain unchanged.

My availability

Since the end of the second lockdown I have required 24 hours notice for most bookings, and implemented a $5o fee for those who insist on same day. This has allowed me to get a lot more out of my life as I am able to fully relax and enjoy my time off as opposed to being on edge knowing I might have to drop everything at a moments notice to get to my incall and prepare for a booking. With 2021 including a heavier academic workload as well as a second job, this policy is set to remain.

My uni schedule is pretty packed for both semesters, meaning that I will only be available for evening appointments during the week (from 5-8pm) and occasionally on the weekends. I will continue to keep my website and twitter updated with my recent availabilities so you know when to prebook. For special occasions and longer bookings I can possibly look to be flexible (aka skip a class or two).

My Blogs

I have been getting into blog writing recently, although i'm still not very good at it. Creative writing (or any non-scientific based writing) is not my forte, so please bear with me.

My online content (TittymonsterHQ):

I really do enjoy doing online content, although I do admit I find it very hard sometimes. It can take hours to get the perfect take for a short video. I will definitely be putting a lot more effort and focus into my online content and community this year. If you aren't able to come see me in person for whatever reason, subscribing to one of my platforms helps support me a lot. I'm currently working on setting up my manyvids, which will have a panty and bra buying option so if that is your thing, keep an eye out :)

And as ever, please do not message me about escorting or meetups on any content site.

Nugg points:

Thanks for all the sign ups so far! It sure has been a bit tricky looking back through my old content and tallying up all the support, but I am getting there! I will be releasing the point chart hopefully in the next few days, as well as the store where you can redeem your points.

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