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Can I get a discount?


Are you boobs real / really J cup?


You are pretty cool. Can I get to know you outside of work?


Are you working today?

I work everyday except for Monday. Chances are I am working. I only see a limited number of people per day though, and as a result I wont always be available for same day appointments - in fact, they are pretty rare. Prebooking is your best chance to see me! 

Why haven't you responded to my message?

Likely because you have messaged me outside of work hours/on my day off. Before 10am and after 8pm I don't tend to check my phone. Same on Mondays. Also likely is you have sent me a message that does not spark joy. Whether it be something along the lines of "hi", "available", "are you working today" or if you have previously messaged me and ever received a rainbow emoji from me (haggIers, ppl asking for unsafe services, noshows) won't respond. I get a lot of inquiries and choose to spend my time with clients that respect me from the get-go.