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Want to be my favourite client?

Find out how in a few simple steps...

1) Do some research before contacting me. My website and associated advertising holds all sorts of information, from an "about me", to my rates, services and any extras I offer. If you are messaging like this you have already lost your chances of spending time with me.
2) When you wish to book me, please send a clear and concise message. It saves us both time :)
3) Show up on time. If you are going to be late, please text ahead with an estimate of how long you are going to be. If you have arrived early, please wait until at least 5mins before the booking before telling me you are here (if you are half an hour early I probably haven't even set up).
4) If you need to cancel/postpone the appointment, please tell me. Don't just ghost and leave me hanging all ready for you. If you do tell me you need to cancel/postpone with decent warning, no harm done. If you ghost me or tell me last minute you can't make it, I will require a cancellation fee before I consider you for another appointment.
5) If you aren't sure of something, please just ask!